Wednesday, December 31, 2014

 Hi guys! So this review is going to be a little bit long because I'm going to be reviewing my second sponsored cosplay and I'm very excited! ~

So on cosdaddy you can find cosplays of anime, movies, games, etc, and they have a lot of cosplays! They let me chose which one I wanted to review and I had to think about it for a day because I wanted all ;3; And finally I decided that I wanted to review Princess Anna Cosplay since Elsa's wig is difficult to put on :c They also gave me the wig so I could take better photos!

This is the picture they show on the web:

If you order this cosplay, you will get shirt + vest + dress + cloack, the costume is also made in you measurements and you can ask one for children and for adults!

I gave my measurements on Dec 19th so then is when they start making the cosplay, on Dec 26th they informed me they had already finished the cosplay and they had sent it to me, and it arrived on Dec 29th! So it only took 10 days to make the cosplay and for the shipping which is super fast!

And here you can see some photos that my best friend took for me, these ones are without the pink cape, so you can see better the entire cosplay. When it arrived I was amazed by the quality, the shirt is so soft! And the cosplay is so easy to put on, I only have one problem with it and it's because the skirt is too long but for me it's not a problem since I love the cosplay more this way, but of course you can specify the measurements of the skirt.

Every single detail is sewn on the costume, this is REALLY a good one, my mother and my friend were also impressed by its quality,

On  these photos you can see better the cosplay and how long the wig is!

This is by far my favourite cosplay that I own, I'm so happy with it and how the photos turned on, and didn't even want to geo out of this cosplay! Hahahah~

'Do you want to build a snowman?'
Here you can see the quality of the wig, it also has that white lock of hair!
I didn't have to style the wig because it comes already styled and it's super comfy!

Random selfie on the bathroom !

And finally on this photo you can see the cape, I couldn't take a photo of it on the outside because when I put my cape on, it was already night so... :'(
Anyway, the cape has an amazing quality and design, and it's also easy to put on and to wear ^^

And here is where this review ends, I hope you guys liked it because maybe I'm going to continue being a sponsor for this amazing web!