Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hi guys! Today I'm going to review a super cute item that a shop called Ramaci on Etsy sponsored me!
The owner of the shop let me chose which item I wanted to review and I chose a thin black cape, but it's no longer available on their store, anyway you can find items like this one on their shop! I fell in love with their items!

They sent the package on Dec 15th and it arrived on Dec 29th so it came fast!

The item wasn't damaged and it has a super nice quality ^^

As you can see, it's transparent and very cute, I will wear it a lot on summer and spring!

And finally, here you have some photos that my mom took for me :3

And here I end the review, if you are looking for a vintage look or pastel goth, their items are so nice for it! Go and check out their store ^^ ~


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