Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hi guys! So here's another review of a shop called CT APPAREL on Etsy!
The owner of the shop was so kind with me, we talked for hours!

He sponsored me a Kakashi t-shirt and some Naruto buttons ^^

The package came like this:

All was perfectly packaged and nothing was damaged :3 ~

So this t-shirt is comfortable and the print is big, not like these ones tees that have nice prints but they're too small that they ruin all the tee :c The shirt has an amazing quality too!

My best friend is a big fan of Naruto so I gave her this tee and she sent me this photo !

These buttons have nice prints, the only bad thing about these buttons is that Sasori is so small, and you can't see him very well :/ But the other four buttons are nice and big enough!

And here I end this review, I hope you liked it!

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