Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello guys! Today I'm going to review some little cute things that a store called NoranekoAlley sponsored to me!
I could chose the "theme" of the items so I told the owner that I loved Dramatical Murder and they sent to me some awesome items!

The package came like this, everything was inside a plastic bag so nothing was damaged and it came super fast!

Here you can see their shop card so if you need to ask something you can email them or ask directly through their shop! ^^

This is the first item that I got, it's a morphine pin, it's not longer available on their shop but I'm sure if you ask for one, they will make more for you!

As you can see, and as I said, it came inside a plastic bag!

The quality is good and it looks exactly as the picture showed ^^

The second item is a dmmd charm, I got it randomly, so I didn't know which one would I get, but when you order, you can decide which one do you want, so it's not a problem!
The drawing is very cute, and it's not double-sided.

And the last item that I got is my favorite one ~
It's a jellyfish charm that I added to my home keys because it's so cute and so well made!

I'm not a expert of sewing but I'd say this is handmade ^^

So thank you so much NoranekoAlley for giving me the opportunity of reviewing these cute items!

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