Friday, December 19, 2014

Hi guys! Today I'm going to write a review for a shop called "Boysenberryaccessory" on Etsy. This shop sells super cute anime, music and cartoons accesories, there are necklaces, earrings, buttons, headbands, etc, and they're fantastic!

The shop owner let me choose what I wanted to review and in addition, they sent me a dragon ball necklace that I'll review too ^^

The package was like this and nothing was damaged:

Inside of the package there was a cute box that looked like this when I opened it:

The items were 2 pair of cute earrings and the Dragon Ball neclace.

And I can't find the link to the Gaara earrings but I'm sure that if you are interested in them, you can ask the shop owner ^^

And finally here you have some photos of the items, the dragon ball necklace is double sided so don't be afraid thinking that it may look bad on you!

And here you have the earrings, they look super cute and the print is good!

And here I end this review, I hope you liked it!

See you soon, bye!

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