Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi guys, so I'm here to review an amazing Totoro shirt from an Etsy store called "Nimbusprintshop", they have AMAZINGS printed shirts, you can find ghibli shirts, anime shirts, etc... The owner of the shop is very friendly and answers quckly to your questions! But the owner was evil and he/she didn't tell me which item they were sending to me! Hahahah ~

So let's start, the shipping is good, I can't remember it clearly but it took 7-12 days to arrive, I must tell that I have to wait like 2 or more weeks to get my packages in my country ^^ ~

The package came like this, it wasn't damaged :') 

And here you can see the shirt print, I have to say that it's one of the best prints I've seen! The shirt is so comfy and you can choose it in more than 10 colors!

Here you have some quality-crap photos I took of myself wearing the shirt! ^^

The shirts' prices are so good, the quality is AMAZING and the shipping is really nice!

I hope you liked this review, I'll upload another one tomorrow, bye bye~!

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