Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hi guys! So today I'm going to make the first part of two of WanderHer's items, they sent me three items, the one left is a Cross Heart Ring Garter, that I'll review later because this'd be such a long review hahaha ~

 The package arrived at my home like two weeks ago but I was on my finals test so I couldn't write about it! :/ Sorry about that, I can't remember it clearly but I think the package took like 9-15 days to arrive to Spain, and it was like this:

They also added two cute notes!

So here is the first item they sent to me, it's caled Small Black Daisy Choker and I have to say that it's suuuper cheap and it's so well made.

The second item I recieved is called White Polka-Dot Lady Bug Choker, that is also super cheap and good quality! I wore it to the high school and everything went fine ^^~  All these items are hand made and they made them to the sizes you give to them :')

And here you have a creepy mobile phone photo, so you can see that it's exactly like the picture and it fits perfectly!

This is everything for today, I'll upload the second part soon! Thank you all for reading ^^

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