Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hello guys! So I'm here to show you another amazing shop, I got these sponsored boots from a store called "AsianCute", they sell a lot of super cute asian fashion!

The owner of the shop has also another 3 shops:

You should check out all of these amazing shops too!

Let's move to the review ~~

/in white/

This is the stock photo:

I chose these boots because I plan to use them for an upcoming cosplay but also because I really love the design!

I usually wear a european 36/37 size on boots and shoes so I went for a 37 because asian shoe sizing tends to be smaller than the european one.

They shipped my package on August 11th and I recived it yesterday, so it's pretty nice!

The boots came inside a box:

Also, the boots were inside a bag, I took one out of its bag so you can see better the difference ~ ^^

You need to tie them up, that will take like 8-9 mins because they're pretty long! (40cm I think)

When I took them out of the package, they smelled like plastic :/ but I think they have a nice quality though !

On the inside they have a material that's like fur, so they will be awesome for the winter!

I really like these and I would recommend them if anyone likes this kind of style!

Bye !

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