Friday, August 14, 2015

Hello guys! So sorry for the lack of posts my my face has not been collaborating with me recently (;ω; )...

Anyway, today I will be reviewing two beautiful dresses that SheInside has sponsored me!

The package took like 2 weeks to come and nothing was damaged!

The first dress is: 

Yellow Tie-neck Sheer Mesh Embroidered Dress.

Stock photo:

This is a beautiful embroided dress, I feel in love with it because I really love vintage dresses, so why not!?

Here you can see some of the details of the dress, it has embroided roses on it ~

The only thing about this dress that drove me mad is that the zipper is sewn on the inside of the dress! Like.. how am I supposed to work with that? So I tried to solve the problem but it's sewn backwards on the inside so I can't even touch the zipper...  

The good thing is that I'm skinny enough to not having to deal with this problem ~

The dress gives you a vintage look ^^~

I would also suggest you to wear something below the dress because it's really transparent although it has another white cloth below the yellow dress.

It's also really comfy and the material is really good !

So I would give this dress a 9/10 in design but a 8/10 on quality due to the zipper problem :(

Let's move into the second dress:

Pink V Neck Sleeveless Tie-waist Dress

Stock photo:

This is a beautiful kind-of-vintage pink dress, the material is really soft and I can't say a bad word about it!

The light is so high on these photos and the dress looks kinda white, but I really like them so sorry!

I did a vintage-princess inspired look, and I think I nailed it! Hahaha ~

When I finished the makeup I thought that if the wig could have been blonde I would have looked like Sleeping Beauty !!

Here you have better photos that show the real color of the dress, I think this dress is perfect for special ocasions like weddings or parties, it's cute, comfortable, long...

I think the dress is also good for cosplay purposes, maybe if you want to dress up like a princess that has a pink dress but the costume itself is really expensive, this one would be a nice option then!

I would give a 10/10 to this dress on everything: comfort, lenght, design, quality...

Thank you guys so much for reading, I will upload another review tomorrow, bye!

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