Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello guys! So I'm here again bringing you another amazing review, this time is about a store called "Blippo", this store is focused on japanese candy, but it also has some other cute japanese stuff like shirts, hairbands, plushies.. etc ^^

Let's get started !

They sent my package on August 4th and I recived it like two days ago, everything was well packed and wraped ^^ ~

These are the things that were inside my package:

First item:

They didn't let me choose the items I wanted to review, so they chose them for me; I'm saying this because this is a really ""kawaii"" package and I'm not that type of person, hahaha ~

I don't use nail polish ever, but when I use it, the color I wear is black or something like that, never pink :c

They sent me this Pink Nail Polish that it's supposed to glow in the dark but it doesn't have that effect on me ;w; ...

Anyway, the color is pretty vibrant, I would love this in dark blue or red !!

Here is how it looks on my nail:

(I don't know how to paint my nails properly as you can see...)

Second item:

I also don't use keychains because I usually lose them all x), but anyway, this one is really cute and soft! I think it has a really nice price if you're looking for a kawaii keychain ^^ ~

Third item:

Well, this one got me by surprise, you're supposed to cook your own Jelly Candy with this. On the back side of the plastic bag there are some instructions but they are in japanese, and I don't understand it... :(
Anyway, these instructions come with some pictures, so I used them as a reference !

In the bag, you will find another 3 bags, as you can see, they have numbers on them so you can know the order you need to follow to cook this.

And this is what I got (After a day inside a fridge)... as you can see, I tasted the white-light pink part, because I think that's the part you're supposed to eat.

It tastes like strawberry jelly, not one of the best I've eaten but you can actually eat it if you're hungry I guess x) But I would suggest you to just buy the jelly by yourself at the market ~

Forth Item:

These stickers are just as the image shown on their website, they're super cute!!! You have 5 big animal soft stickers and then you have little versions of them, so you can decorate a full page of some notebook that you want it to be super kawaii !

Last item:

I'm a big fan of this kind of japanese sweet (Pocky), but I don't like the cream, so I thought I wouldn't like these sticks too, but I was wrong !

The price is amazing for the amount of sticks that come inside the box, everything is super cute (even the plastic bag that has the sticks inside!)

This is what they looked like when I opened the box ~ You cannot expect them to be in perfect conditions after they've travelled half of the world for you to eat them, hahaha!

They really taste like cookies & cream, and it's really good! I gave them to my sister as a gift and I think she ate the whole pack on one evening.. oh well...

So here I end the review for this amazing shop, I think their prices are awesome and you really don't have any problems with your stuff, oh, and also the shipping is super fast! I just got some problems because I didn't pick the items, but the ones I got have a super nice quality and price so I would recommend this store to anyone who wants to try some japanese candy!