Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello guys! So I'm here to show you another review for Klenspop

As usual, the package took like 2 weeks to arrive to Spain, and everything was wraped, nothing was damaged!

They sent me two pairs of circle lenses to review, they're both from their brand called "Bunny", which is a brand that I specially love, since the lenses from this brand block perfectly the color of your eyes and show the color of the contacts.

First pair:


Stock photo:

I'm not a big fan of brown contacts so I wasn't too excited for these, but when they arrived I thought there had been a confusion because these show a beaufitul color between yellow and brown in your eyes, so I'm planning in using them for my upcoming Kotori cosplay.

As the name says, these lenses have 3 colors, I think they're yellow, orange and black ~

Here is a photo so you can see how they look on my eyes.

(The first photo is without contacts, the second one is without light; just the flash and the third photo is with flash + natural light)

The diammeter is 14.8 so it isn't supposed to enlarge your eyes, but in fact, they do (a little, hehe ~) ! They're super confy to wear and you don't feel them in your eyes !!

I would give these a 10/10 in confort, 9/10 in color and 7/10 in enlargement !

Second pair:


Stock photo:

I'm always excited for blue lenses since I wish I had blue eyes instead of my dark brown eyes... ;w;

When you first see them in real life, you don't really think that they will cover up your natural eye color since the print they have is a little... weird?

Anyway, when I tried them, I was shocked!! They covered my natural eye color so well that I could cry ;A; ~~

The first picture is my natural eye color, the second one is with the contacts on & natural light, and the third one is with the contacts on & flash!

I plan on using them for cosplay purposes, heheh ~ I really love them ! They're also comfortable to wear and super easy to put them on ^^

I hope you have enjoyed this review ! Comment below if you have any questions, and remember ...


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  1. Wow these are super opaque lenses! They look so cute on you :D