Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello guys! Today I'm going to review a shirt from a store called "Nimbus Print Shop", this store sells printed shirts from animes, music, films & videogames, and the owner of the shop wanted to surprise me and then sent me a random shirt!

This is the sctock photo of the shirt I got:

Totoro Inspired Screenprinted T-Shirt

The design is really cute, and the color I got is the violet one I think (there are more than 20 colors!)

The package arrived within two weeks and this is the shirt I got:

The print is really cute and has an amazing quality, I also love the material of the shirt (btw I picked an S size but it's a little baggy on me, I like it that way but just for your information! ^3^~)

And here you have the front and the back of the shirt ~ 

And this is how it looks on me!

I would really recommend this store if you're looking for shirts with a really nice quality, and if you're tired of your printed shirts that wear down, you should check Nimbus Print Store because these shirts will never do that!

I hope you liked this review! Bye!! ~

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