Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hello guys! 

I recived a package from SheInside last week, but I've been ill so I haven't been able to do the review, but I'm finally here with the photos !

As always, the package took like 2 weeks to arrive and everything was safely wraped ^3^ ~

The first item that I got:

White Lapel Long Sleeve Crop Blouse

I chose this crop blouse because I think is perfect for winter, if you want to wear it under some jerseys or jumpers!

As you can see, it needs to be ironed when you recive it, I tried to do it but I'm so bad at ironing this kind of material so I will see what I can do (ノ_;)

Anyway, the shirtl has a really nice quality (the same one as if you had bought this at any store in your town) and it fits me really nice! I think I chose a S size for this one.

I really like it and I would truly recommend to get this!

And this is the second item that I got:

Red Vintage Floral Loose Chiffon Kimono

Lately, I've been really obsessed with kimonos, I think they give you a special & unique look!

I saw this one on the websire and I fell in love with the colors and the design ♡˙︶˙♡)

As you can see, the colors are very vibrant! It looks amazing.

I wore this kimono the same day that I recived it because I just can't stop looking at it 

Thank you so much for reading the review, I'm already preparing another one, so stay tunned!



  1. The color of the kimono is so vibrant and nice to look at!
    I hope you're feeling better ^^