Tuesday, November 11, 2014

StarInMyPocket's Review.

Hi! Today I'll be reviewing some items that the cute owner of StarInMyPocket on Etsy sent to me!

The package they sent to me looked like this:

(I've put stars so none can see my address lol) Everything was completely wrapped, everything came in good conditions.

In the next picture, you can see everything they sent to me ^^

Naruto StickersOne Piece Anime Keychain Double-Sided, Sailor Moon Bookmark and Sword Art Online Button Set.

If you are interested in this shop, here you have a card to contact them!

First product:

The Sailor Moon book mark was completely cute and well drawn!
Second product:

Naruto stickers are completely wonderful, they are so well drawn, have the nices qualityand they are so kawaii, like, look at them ???

Third item:

Although I don't like SAO, this button set are so cute! (everything in this shop is so well drawn, it actually makes me jelaous for not knowing to draw properly)

Forth, last and my favourite item is this Double-Sided One Piece keychain, these sponsored items were surprise, so I didn't know the prints but I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS (I personally prefer the Portgas D. Ace one) But look at THEIR ADORABLE FACES, Trafalgar Law also has a little cute Chopper with him, and what about Luffy's smile???

Conclusion, the shop owner was so kind and nice with me, the shipping was so fast like 1 or 2 weeks, and ALL the items have got the nicest quality you could ever imagine, I give this shop a 5/5 in everything, thank you.

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