Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi! This is my first review so I apologize if I commit any grammar mistakes or something like that, hahaha. I asked the owner of Teacupcastle if she sponsored bloggers and she was so kind to send me a Surprise Grab Bag and I choose the one which had got earrings in it!
The owner sent me the package on Oct. 13 from L.A and it came to Spain on Oct. 24 which is super fast! As you can see, the package came in a good condition.
When I opened the package I recived 2 pairs of earrings, cute notes, a pin with gliltter (?) and a thin rope (I don't really know what is this for lol)

Here you can see the two pairs of earrings that I got, the first one are a cute green ties, they are made of a good material, if you ask me one bad thing about them is that it's a bit difficult to put on your ears because the attaching-rope (idk how to say this in english, neither in my language lol) but it just takes you one minute, so is not a big deal.
The second earrings are a kind of metal starfish, I can't tell you ANY bad thins about them, they are made of a good material, easy to put on and very cute!

I took a very bad quality photo of the green earrings but you can see them anyway :3

Shipping: 5/5
Quality: 4'5/5
Customer Service: 5/5 (She answers almost everyday)
Hope that you liked it!

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