Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hi guys! So today I'm going to review a Tokyo Ghoul shirt from EmigniaWorks, she was so kind with me, that we even talk a bit about anime, hahaha! She let me choose what item did I want to review, and I choose a super nice tokyo ghoul shirt!

The package came super fast, 1 week or something like that ??? I COULDN'T BELIVE MY EYES when I opened the package and saw this t-shirt, I was like: 'How? I've ordered several things before this t-shirt!'

Here you can see the package, the shirt was also wrapped in a plastic bag inside the package ! ~

I opened the package and I found exactly what I ordered, the design of the letters is so nice, the quality is super good and the t-shirt is so comfy! (I ordered a M size although I use a S because I love oversized shirts, so don't worry about sizes)

Here you can see the print:

The full t-shirt:

And me wearing it!

So I give this shop a 5/5 in shipping, communication and quality!

Hope you liked the review, there will be more coming soon! ~ Bye!

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