Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waterdewsf's Review

Hi! So yesterday I recived two packages, and this is the second review, first of all, I have to say how nice and wonderful is the shop owner of this shop, thank you for your fast and kind replies!

The items that she sent to me are of a new collection she made, you can find them in the first page of her etsy store ^^

You can use the code 20TSUKIYUKIKO, which gives:
20% discount on every purchase - available for a year from now.

The package came like this, all wrapped and in perfect conditions.

These are the items that Waterdew sent to me ^^

She also added a cute card with "Thank you" and a smiling face writen on it!

She sent me two cute items, the first one is a Frozen necklace, you can add the charecter or characters that you want to the necklace, it's adjustable, my favourite one is Elsa, so I added Elsa to the chain! They are so well made, if you want me to choose, I think the best one is Olaf, but I love the 3 designs ~

The second item is another necklace with an anime boy locked in a bottle, it seems so real, the quality is the nicest and is well drawn too! The chain is also cute ; v ;

The only conclusion I can make is that the owner of this shop was one of the best owners I've had the pleasure to work with, the items are well made, the shipping took about a week (more or less) and she has more than 600 items to choose!

Thank you all for your support and for reading this!

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