Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello guys! So I've had the chance to make a review for Uniqso!

Uniqso is an online shop that sells circle lenses, wigs & make up, all of their products have an amazing quality; I can tell you since I'm a customer.

Anyway, as I was telling you... Uniqso offered me to make a review for them and I was so excited! I could pick the lenses that I wanted to review, and since I have A LOT of pairs of circle lenses, I couldn't decide which ones I could pick, but then I remembered that I'm going to cosplay Madoka and I don't have a vibrant pink lenses, so I chose one pink pair of circle lenses.

These are the ones I chose:

I read some reviews about these lenses, all of them said that they were really comfy & vibrant.

Here you can see a comparison photo:

(My natural eye color in the first one, wearing the lenses & natural light in the second one and wearing the lenses & flash in the third one)

These lenses don't really enlarge your eyes, though it says that they are 16.2mm ( I think the size is not the right one ) They may be like 15mm.

They are quite vibrant, the color shows up pretty well, so I'm really happy with that, since pink lenses don't usually show up pretty well.

The comfort is really nice! You can barely feel them in your eyes, after a few minutes, you will forget that they're there.

And regarding the price, I think they're a bit overpriced, maybe 2 or 3 dollars more that what they should cost.

And here you have another photo, so you can see better how they look like:

So the overall would be like a 4/5.

Also, if you are planning to order from Uniqso, I have a special code for you guys, its "Yukiko", and it will help you to save some dollars!

And here is where the review ends, I hope this one has been helpful for you!

Bye bye!

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