Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello again guys! The past weekend I went back home so I took some photos for two reviews, I'm gonna start with the SheInside one!

This is the first item:

Lapel Camouflage Drawstring Coat

It's a jacket with a military design on it, but it's pretty different to the usual military design since this one has flowers on it, which is a thing I love!

The jacket is exactly as pictured, though I wouldn't recommend it if you want to avoid yourself the suffering from cold days, since it's not very warm, but it's pretty fashionable.

It has a zipper that makes an original design when you tie it up. so it's pretty cool too!

I would also like to point out that the price is really reasonable for this item, so I would wive it an overall of 4'8/5.

Second item:

Navy Blue G Print Splicing Half Knitted Sleeve Sweatshirt

This second item is a sweatshirt, I chose it because I liked the design on the sleeves and the colors are pretty cool too.

I think the embroidery part looks amazing!

It's also very comfy and warm, it's prefect for cold winter days, and the design is very unique.

This sweater will go with everything, to be honest, it looks amazing with a skirt or trousers!

So yeah, here is a short review but with some photos of which I'm very proud of! I hope you found this review useful and see you soon!