Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello guys!

I'm here again to write another SheInside review, this time, it will be a long one since I got 3 different items!

Well, let's get started.

First item:

Grey Long Sleeve Peplum Trims Casual Coat.

Well, this one is a grey "coat", though I wouldn't call it a coat, it's more like a thick jacket, but anyway, hahah ~

Here you have some photos, you can see here the thickness and the material; it's very soft and warm. The color is also amazing!

I think this is a good jacket to use in autumn, since the lenght of the sleeves is "medium" and they don't cover fully your arms.

This jacket has also two lovely pockets!

And here you can see how it looks in real life:

I love the lenght of the jacket, the color and its shape, I think that if you're looking for something like this, (a jacket to match some shirts or even a casual dress) this one is amazing!

I would give this jacket a 8/10

Now, let's move to the second item:

Black Gold Sequined Bodycon Dress

I fell in love with this dress in the same moment I saw it. The design looks completely breathtaking and how it adjusts to your body it's amazing! ;_;

I love the black color and I also like to shine a bit, so this was all I was looking for in a dress!
When I ordered it, I thought that the gold part of the dress was like a print on the dress, but I got surprised when I recived it and the gold part was actually made out of sequins!

Since this is a REALLY tight dress, you should choose carefully your size. I'm usually a S size, but I had to order a M one.

And here is how it looks in real life, I'm in love with this dress!

I would give this a 9'5/10.

And finally, let's see the third & last item!

Wine Red Oxblood Baggy Long Sleeve Floral Flowery Dress

Well, I've bought some floral shirts and dresses lately, so I ordered this one hoping that it would fit me as well as the other ones do.

As you can see, I ordered a S size, but you will see the surprise later.

The part with the button and the hole it's supposed to be the front part, but... When I recived it, this dress was like a XXL size, no joking... So I couldn't use this part as the front part since it would show EVERYTHING !

Here you can see what I'm talking about:

I mean... I look like a granny XD... It's too big for me... I can't even use it without having my family laughing at me.

Anyway, the color, meterial & design are pretty good and it has a really good quality, it's very thin though.

So, if you're planning on ordering this, I would write an email to the SheInside team to check your size !

I would give this a 5/10 since the size does match the description, but not the real life, I mean ?? I'm a S size and this dress is like a XXL size. (I asked one person with the XL size to try this on and it was also big on this person, so...)

And well, here is where I end the review, I hope you liked it, I will write another soon!

Bye bye! ~

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