Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello guys! So I'm back to the circle lenses review, and I have an upcoming surprise for you, a new sponsor! You will discover it soon ^^ ~

Anyway, today I'm going to review two pairs of circle lenses that Klenspop has sent me!

The first one is called "Ellen Panda EX 12 Aqua"

My best friend needed a pair of circle lenses, so I gifted this pair to her! She has light eyes and she told me that she loved these lenses, because they don't enlarge too much your eye, they change the color in a really beautiful way.

(First picture without lenses, second one with lenses + flash and third one with lenses + natural light)

These lenses are not just amazing for cosplay but for daily life! If any day you feel like having blue eyes, these lenses are amazing for that purpose! (She also told me that they were really comfy!)

The second pair is called "Ellen Panda PM 13 Green"

My feelings are mixed about these lenses, I think they work really well on light eyes, as you can see on the example photos in the website, but for me... they just light up a little bit my eye color, but it doesn't look green at all with normal light.

(First picture without lenses, second one with lenses + natural light  and third one with lenses + flash)

I must say that if you use flash in your photos, you won't have any problems (if you have dark eyes, as me), but with natural light, well.. even in the photo I'm showing it seems lighter than in real life.

Anyway, they're comfortable as always and really easy to put in, but the problem is that I really like the color to show up... (it's difficult, since my eyes are almost black in real life...)

Here you can see it:


So my advice would be this one: If you're looking for a natural blue lenses, these ones are AMAZING! not a single complain about them, if you want green lenses, I think the website has better options if your eye color is naturally dark!


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