Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hello guys! I'm here again to show you a new Sheinside Review!

Since it's Xmas time, I just haven't had the time or motivation to take the photos, but finally today my parents told me that we were going to go outside for lunch so I just thought: well, today is the day for a new review!

Here is the item I'll be reviewing:

Lapel Plaid Dip Hem Woolen Coat

It's not really a coat though, I'd say it's like a loooong shirt/dress that's very warm! It feels like wool though it says to be made out of polyester, it itches a little bit like wool would do T_T ... But nothing you can't ignore !

The design is exactly as pictured and the leght & measurements are also nice! I use the "S" size for shirts and so, so this one is a little baggy on me (as I like!)

I reaally like the designs and the feeling that you're surrounded by wool when you'r wearing it, it's perfect for winter!

I'm preparing another review, so see you soon guys!

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