Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hello guys! So I'm here again to show you a new review, this time is from a shop called 

They have a lot of cute clothing and I really love the designs!

So I'm going to review a skirt and a shirt.

I'm in love with the letters that the top has, they're really cute and the fact that they're in japanese makes it better!

The material of the skirt & top is very nice and soft too.

The skirt is really cute and it matches the top because it has this cute white stripe!
The only bad thing that I could say about the skirt is that it's difficult to raise and lower the zipper, maybe it's a little bit broken ? I don't know. Anyway, it still works.

 And well, here you have a lot of pictures because I felt pretty nice with this outfit!

See you soon!

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