Friday, October 23, 2015

Hello guys! I'm here again to review another pair of lenses that klenspop has sent me.

Just a reminder that, in my opinion, klenspop has the best prices regarding circle lenses and their quality is pretty nice!

Let's move to the review now ~ 

The lenses I was sent are called Magic Eye Skinny Brown.

They look kinda orange, and that's the reaso why I chose to review them, I thought that maybe they would look a little bit orange or yellow on my eyes ~


Here you have a photo so you can compare, the first one are my normal eyes (with flash), on the sencond one I'm wearing the lenses and was taken with flash, and on the last one I'm also wearing the lenses but the photo is without flash (natural light)

They don't really show the color on my eyes that's supposed to be, I think these lenses would work better for people with light eyes, because the model shown on the webpage also has brown eyes and the lenses look the same on her :(

Anyway, as said, these lenses are called "brown", not "orange", so they show a light brown color, that in my opinion, is not the best from this website, they have some other better brown contacts ^^

As you can see, they don't enlarge your eyes because they're meant to give you a natural look.

They got a little itchy after like 15 minutes (the sun was also giving me some problems, you know the sad relationship between sun-circle lenses...), so I removed them.

Personally, I would recommend another brown lenses from this store as the "Bunny color brown"!


So here I finish my review, I hope you liked it, bye!

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