Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello guys! Sorry that I havent updated there for ages... But I wanted to enjoy summer and I did also had to study for exams :)

Today I'll be showing you a review for LensVillage, they offered me to make a review for any pair of circle lenses from their store, so I chose i.Fairy Hanabi Red Lens !

This is the photo that's shown on their website:

I wanted to use these lenses for my Koujaku photoshoot, but they didnt come in time! ;u; So then I decided to cosplay some random guy with white hair & red eyes!

Here you can see how well the red pops up even though I have really dark eyes (almost black) The photo was taken with natural light, no flash ^^ ~

Here I add you acloser photo so you can see better the color on my eyes ^^

They're also very comfy and amazingly easy to put on!


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