Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello guys! So I've finally started my second year of uni and I'm really busy right now :(
Anyway, I managed to make some time for makeup&photos! Yay!

This review will be for Klenspop, but I'm preparing another one for pinkyparadise so stay tunned c:

These are the lenses I'll be reviewing:

They're more expensive than what I got used to see in klenspop :( (22$)

Anyway, here you have a first photo for you to compare them with different lighting and the original color of my eyes.

The first one is the real color of my eyes, the second one is with almost no light in the room, third one is with natural light and the forth one is with flash.

I really like how the blue color pops up but I don't like the black in them, they make your eyes look really fake and I like blue&green contacts to look like if they were my natural eye color.

They're also not as comfy as other ones I've reviewed, they don't damage your eyes or anything like that but you can feel them in your eyes and you really need to hidratate them more often than usual.

And well, here you have a looooot of photos because I loved this look!

So I wouldn't recommend you to buy these ones, if you are looking for a blue contacts, klenspop have some more amazing ones (and cheaper!)

Bye bye!

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