Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hi guys! So sorry I've been this inactive for so long, but first I had my final exams, then I went on vacation and after all, I just wanted some rest -w- ...

 Anyway, I have a new review for you guys!

The first pair of lenses are the KIREI PINK lenses, but they're no longer available, so I'm not able to put a link for you.

As said, the lenses are pink, but as I saw them inside the bottle, I knew they wouldn't really show up on my eyes :( You can notice that the color is pink, yeah, but you need to look close to the eyes or it won't be really noticeable.

They're quite comfy aswell, and easy to put on.

Here you have some pictures, only a light illuminates these:

The next ones are the KIREI GRAY:

These ones are still available if you do want to purchase them, they are the same brand as the pink ones I reviewed before, so they have basically the same features, though the color of these ones pops up more.
 The first photo is my natural eye color, the second one is without flash and the third one is with flash.

I used them to costest Levi from SnK:

I really like these! What do you think? ^^ 

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