Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hi guys! It's been a long time since a don't write a review, so I'm sorry, but I've had a looot of exams and it's pretty difficult to deal with all of this ;3;

Anyway, pinkyparadise sponsored me another pair of lenses so I could review them!

These are the lenses I chose:

They're called Vassen Lollipop Blue, and I just had to wait a week for them! The color is very visible on light eyes, they show this photo:

The lenses come with a free macaron case, and they're $23'90, which is pretty nice! They're also very comfortable and the lenses have two colors, blue & yellow, which make your eyes look more "anime"!

They enlarge your eyes so much! Here you can see a photo of my friend wearing them, she has light eyes and the lenses looked so good on her!

I hope to write another review soon, bye bye!

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