Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello guys! Today I'm here with another review from Klenspop! They sell amazing circle lenses and in addition, they are the cheapest shop where you can find cute contacts!

I sent them an email and I asked them if they could send me a pair of contacts to review, and they were so kind they told me that they were going to do it!
In the next email they told me that they were going to send me a pair of brown circle lenses and I told them I had no big problem in reviewing brown contacts but I have dark eyes as you can see in this picture:

I thought that with my dark eyes a pair of brown contacts won't shop up on me, so I told them that if could send me another pair so te color could show up, but they told me that this one was fine so they sent me these!

The lenses are called "Bunny color brown" on their website and they are ONLY 15$ !!! 

Lens Info
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

The shipping took like 3 weeks so it's fine since I live in Spain and everythig takes like a month to come ;3; ...

Inside the package, you can find this cute box!

And inside the box, you have all of this!!

Here you can see how the lenses look like on the outside and on the inside (inside their bottle) ~

To begin with, you can see how the lenses look when you put them on without any makeup, I think they would show up better on light eyes, but when I tried them on, I was quite surprised they covered the whole eye! And they also covered my black eye color!

When you try them on for the first time, you feel a little weird for some seconds, nothing that anyone can't handle, it's not even itchy, just weird; but after some second have passed, you cannot feel these lenses at all, they have an amazing quality!

Here you can see a photo of my eyes wearing these lenses, this photo is WITH FLASH.

And this is how they look like with NATURAL LIGHT.

These lenses are super cute and they fit so well with any hair color! They also enlarge your eyes, but not so much ~

I think these lenses give me a "french" look, ahahah ~

 As you can see, I tried them with 3 different wigs and they fit so well with any of them!!

In conclusion, I LOVE THESE LENSES!!!

The final rate I would give to these lenses is a 4.5/5 ~

Thank you Klenspop for allowing me working with you and I hope to work with you in a future!

Bye bye!

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