Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing a pair of circle lenses!

They were sponsored by I-fairycon! & the lenses are called Colors Of The Wind - Nº 14 Lemon Tea, you can choose prescription, the diameter is 15.00mm, the duration is one year, the base curve is 8.6 and they have 55% water content, and their price is 20'90$.

The shipping was ok, some weeks but not too long ^^ and everything was well packed and nothing was damaged :3

Here you can see the photo that they show of the lenses:

They came in crystal bottles that were so easy to open! I was so happy because I usually have problems with opening these kind of bottles! ;3;

My eyes look almost black without light, but with the flash of the camera they look really light brown, I can tell that the yellow color realy shows without flash, but anyway here you have a picture with flash:

I really love the color, I chose them because I was planning to cosplay Aoba but since my cosplay hasn't arrived (and it's never going to arrive because it had been lost during shipment) I can't take photos of the Aoba cosplay with these lenses! T_T

They really enlarge your eyes and the color is very beautiul and they can be used as daily lenses or cosplay, but I founf them a bit uncomfortable, so I will wear them just for cosplay photoshoots ^-^

And here you have some other pictures with the lenses, I didn't add eyeliner or fake eyelashes so you can see better their color!

And here I finish the review, I hope it helped, bye bye!

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