Friday, February 6, 2015

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be doing one of the funniest and cutest reviews I've ever made!

I was sponsored some japanese sweets, One Piece tissues and a super cute bag by a shop called "Kawaii Surprises" They sell japanese sweets, snacks, some little anime goods... Everything is so cute!

The shipping was pretty fast! The package was shipped from Japan on the 15th January and it arrived yesterday, on the 5th February!

The first thing I'm going to review is this pokémon pocky with white chocolate flavor, the box is reaaaly cute! ;3;

Inside the box, you'll find a Pikachu plastic bag with the pockys inside, I asked my sister to eat them because I asked for this one for her, since I don't really like white chocolate!
She told me that they had a stronger flavor, like you can really feel the white chocolate, then I asked her: 'but do they taste good?' and she answered me that they did! They tasted so good, just a little bit different than European white chocolate ~

I'm thinking about keeping the Pokémon box, haahha!

The second item was this kind-of-Sailor Moon-sweet, the box came opened but I think it was the postmans' fault because when I'm not at home, he just throws the packages over my door ~_~"
Anyway, the box came opened but nothing inside it was damaged, so it's ok!

Inside this super magical box, there were a cute necklace and a mini chocolate bar, I ate this one so I can tell you how it tasted from my point of view!

As you can see here, the chocolate bar was wrapped, so it was the necklace!
I firts tried a little bit from the chocolate bar and I was really surprised by how well it tasted like omg this is a god's food, then I ate it like in 5 seconds hahahaha!

And here's a better photo of the necklace, I think the necklace is a present and it's random, so you don't know which one you are going to get!

I really think I took too many photos, I'm so sorry but I was kinda excited about this review!

The third item was a set (of 6) of One Piece tissues, omg look at how cute they are!

Here you can see the official logo of Toei animation!

The back of the tissues wrapping was also so nice!

And here's a better view of one of it!

After opening the wrapping of the tissues I was shocked by the tissues, they ALL have printed the flags of the One Piece members! The print is so nice and cute, and I'm thinking about not using these tissues ever xD...

I must say the touch of these tissues is softer that the normal ones, I'm talking about European stuff, I don't really know about other places! ~
I'm in love with this item!

The forth item was a set of sweets ~

The wrapping is also kawaii! And even you don't know japanese, you can guess the flavor of every box's sweets by its print!

I took a photo of one of them so you can see the size of it, it's pretty small but it costs less than a dollar so it's normal!

Inside of the first one I tried, there were "Lacasitos" (I don't even know if English speakers also call them bu this name?) Ayway, they're colored sweets that taste like chocolate ^-^

These were my favorite ones, they taste like the ones whe have in Europe, and I really love them!

The second ones, were supposed to be a mixed sweets of chocolate & strawerry flavor, but they're so small that they taste like strawberry milkshake, which is not bad, I really like that flavor!

These ones were also "Lacasitos" but with fruits flavors! We don't have this in Spain so I was surprised! I didn't really like them but my mom and my sister tasted them and they said that they tasted good so maybe I'm just strict with food flavors!

Inside the forth one, there were little chocolate things, they taste like normal chocolate, I also liked them a lot!

And I could't take photos of the fifth one (because my sister and my mom were eating them!!!) that it's the coffee one, my mom tasted them because coffee isn't my cup of tea, and she said they taste like normal coffee so if you like coffee, they should be nice!

And the last item is a super kawaii bag of the Little Twin  Stars! The print shows so well and I really like the quality, it's a medium bag, neither big neither small ~

And here I end my review, I hope you guys liked it!


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