Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello guys! I have new reviews for you, one of Klenspop (this one) and another one of Sheinside that you will see later :3

This time I got the chance to review these FREACKING AMAZING LENSES!!!

They are called Aqua Blue.

These lenses are amazing for everything, if you want to have vibrant blue eyes but you naturally have dark eyes or even for cosplay male characters because these lenses are small so they don't seem too girly.

In the first picture, you can see my natural eye color, in the next one you can see my eyes with the lenses on and natural light and in the last one, with flash.

You barely notice the difference between the photo with natural light and with flash, they are REALLY vibrant and they cover your whole natural eye color.

I'm in love with these ;u; they are really comfy! I had some trouble when I first tried them on but nothing that some eyedrops can't bare with.

The price is also very good ($18) for what they have to offer.

I hope you liked these lenses as much as I liked them!

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