Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello guys! So I'm here to write another review for Klenspop!

They sent me two pairs of circle lens, they arrived after two weeks as usually, everything was safely wraped !

Let's move to the review ~

The first pair of circle lenses are called "Ice Flower Blue", and here's the stock photo:

The diameter of these contacts is 14mm and they're just 13$ on their webpage!

The design of these lenses is amazing! It looks like it has little drawings on it, but you won't be able to notice these drawings if you have dark eyes, as mine, these lenses are thought to be worn by a person who has natural light eyes ^^~

Here's the first pic I took of the lenses when they were still on the bottle.

I took some pictures as Howl hoping that the blue would show up more on my eyes, but it didn't, anyway the efect of these lenses amazing! It gives you a dolly-look, which I will take advantage of for upcoming photoshoots :3

This second photo is with natural light, you must take into count that my eyes are almost black, that's because the color doesn't show pretty much.

So I wasn't happy with my Howl look so I went for a pastel-goth-grunge-whatever look and the result was AMAZING!!!

These two pictures were taken with my mobile phone and with natural light, the effect on my eyes is so pretty! I love when contacts have a black line on the corner ^^

This one was taken with my webcam ~

And this is one of the pictures of my last photoshot for SheInside, I wore these lenses then ^^

This pgoto was taken with my professional camera and with natural light.

These lenses are REAAAALLY COMFY! They're so easily to put in and you don't feel them at all !

Let's move to the second pair of contacts, they're called "Bunny 3 color Gray".

Here's the stock photo:

They have a 14.5mm of diameter, they're 18$ on their store and they last for 6 months.

Here you can have a picture of my eyeswearing them with flash, without flash...etc.

They change your eye color to grey and they are a bit yellow on the inside, you can notice that if you use flash on the pictures or if you look so close to the person who's wearing them.

These lenses aren't meant to enlarge your eyes, so they don't do that, but they really change the eye color, anyway, they aren't as comfortable as other Klenspop's lenses, your eyes get really dry when you take them off :(

But let'smove to some pictures!

Here is a closer view of the lenses when I wore them to the street! (It was my first time going outside with lenses)

Here you can see a pic that I took after my last photoshot wearing these lenses, I took this pic with my mobile phone!

Aaaand finally, I thought that I needed more pics so I did a makeup inspired by VI form League of Legends!

I hope that you liked the review, see you soon!

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  1. I'm also feel that bunny 3 colors ins not really comfortable. It's too bad because I realy like how it changes my eye color but still look natural !